The Redirection of Damien Sinclair

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Damien Sinclair has witnessed more than his share of love's ugly aftermath—first as a child of quarreling parents and these days as an acclaimed divorce attorney. His solution? Control. From his immaculate, organized penthouse to his monochromatic wardrobe to his refusal to let anyone get too close, Damien is master of all he sees… Or so he thinks. Then an attempt on his life leaves him struggling with PTSD.

Free-spirited Harley Taylor, Damien’s childhood friend and a one-time fling, arrives on his doorstep, having appointed herself his caregiver. She’s his polar opposite and hell bent on redirecting his life. And if somehow that life might expand to include her for the long term, even better. Either way, the man needs to learn not to take himself so seriously. If that involves a prank or two, so be it.

Interacting for the first time in a decade, Harley and Damien find their attraction still smoldering. But to what end? Is Harley the shot of color Damien needs to disperse the black cloud that plagues him? Or are they destined to destroy each other all over again?

Nancee has yet again written another heart warming plot, with strong quirky heroines infused with perfectly layered complex heroes. I've said it before, this cast has worked it way into my heart. Ms. Cain's wonderful prose has you feeling all the feels in a realistic tale of life, love, obstacles, and what it takes to over come them.

--The Book Avenue Blog

Damien and Harley are everything I've come to expect from Nancee Cain as she once again transports us to her world of Pine Bluff and romance and makes us want to stay there. This is not just another romance in just another story, and these are not just a couple of characters. With her signature wit and talent for prose, Cain has given us two more friends - they make us laugh, they make us mad, they make us feel, and I loved every single minute of it.

--Momma Says: To Read or Not to Read Blog

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