After the upheaval of being dumped by his girlfriend, David Patterson leads a quiet life as a high school teacher in the small Southern town of Pine Bluff, Alabama. Soon to enroll in seminary, his dreams are within his grasp.

But a chance encounter with Emma Devine changes everything. She’s on the run, desperate, and surviving by any means possible. His pastor’s heart longs to help her—and the rest of him is rather intrigued as well.

His random act of kindness brings them together, but Emma makes an unfathomable decision—one that threatens to destroy two lives, though her intention is to save one.

Four years later, Emma returns, seeking redemption. But can David—whose dreams took a very different course after their last meeting—forgive her and risk losing everything?

5 Stars!

The emotions run the gamut in this one and I felt every single one of them along with these terrific characters. Nancee Cain takes the "show, don't tell" rule to a whole new level as she pulls the reader into the town of Pine Bluff. The characters and their problems and everyday lives seem so real that when the last page is turned, I want to call them up to see how things are going.

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