Getting To Know Luc DeVille

I’m honored The Author Files recently did an “interview” with one of my characters.

I enter the office of Luc DeVille and it’s much different than I anticipated, given his reputation. The furniture is modern, with clean lines, and a bank of windows letting in the sun.

Mr. DeVille smirks. “Expecting a dungeon with sconces, whips and chains, love?”

TAF: “No, not at all.” How did he know?

I perch on the offered chair. Instead of sitting behind his massive desk, he leans his back against it, facing me. A typical power-play. I’d expect nothing less from this powerful man.

TAF: “I’m here to interview you for The Author Files. It says here you’re an astute businessman with immense power and influence over all of humankind.”

Boredom spreads across his handsome features and he glances at his watch. His piercing blue gaze meets mine, and I get the distinct idea I need to hurry.

TAF: “That seems kind of vague, but I have instructions that you won’t answer questions about the nature of your business. So, um, who is your favorite singer and song?”

Luc: “Which century?”

TAF: “Century?” I squeak.

Luc: “Robert Johnson, ‘Crossroad Blues.’”

TAF: “Oh, I didn’t expect that. Isn’t he the musician who supposedly sold his soul to the devil? Is it because of his influence on modern music?”

Mr. DeVille simply smiles, and drums the desk with his fingers.

TAF: “Favorite color?”

Luc: “Red.”

TAF: “Sign?”

Luc: “Yield.”

TAF: “Yield? That’s not a horoscope sign.”

Luc: “We’re not talking about sex?” He chuckles and winks.

TAF: “Have you ever had a favorite pet? Or currently own one?”

Luc: “Yes, an angelic girl with a fiery temper and quick wit.”

TAF: I choke. “You have a human as a pet?”

Luc: “Do I strike you as the type to have a warm fuzzy little animal?”

TAF: “N-no, sir, but a human?”

The corners of his perfect mouth lift.

Luc: “Did I say she was human? I guess an answer more in line with your boring question, is yes, I have a demon hound named Black Shuck.”

I blink, but move on.

TAF: “Who is your favorite superhero (or heroine)? It can be from a comic book, movie, novel, cartoon, video game or anywhere else heroes reign.”

Luc: “I find heroes boring. Loki is mildly amusing.”

TAF: “I like Loki, too. Um, you finally have an evening free to spend any way you want. Money is no object. Where do you go? What would you do?”

Luc: “That’s a ridiculous question. Nothing ever gets in the way of my pleasure because I have all the money in the world. I’m fond of warm places like Bora Bora. I’ll leave it to your imagination how I’d spend my time, but trust me, it won’t be alone.”

My mouth is as dry as cotton when I look into his eyes. Did flames just flicker there? I should’ve eaten before doing this interview.  I think my blood sugar must be tanking.

TAF: “What do you think your greatest weakness is?”

Luc laughs. “Weakness? Weakness is for do-gooders. I’m evil incarnate, love.”

TAF: “But everyone has a weakness.”

Mr. DeVille’s attention shifts for a split second to a photograph on his desk. In it is a beautiful red-headed woman standing on a beach wearing a red dress. But he remains silent.

TAF: “What do you think is your greatest attribute?”

Luc: “The ability to read through bullshit. So, tell me, what do you really want to ask me?”

TAF: “Well your business is off limits. Cut me some slack, I’m doing the best I can. Do you have any regrets in life? What are they?”

Luc: “Living with regrets is a waste of time.” Again, he shoots a pensive glance toward the picture. “However, this interview might turn in to one.”

TAF: “Who is she?” I blurt, going off script.

Mr. DeVille smiles. “Ah, the first genuine question of the day. She’s off topic. Next.”

TAF: “Why? What is she to you?”

Luc: “Do you have difficulty understanding English? Next,” he snaps, folding his arms.

The heat in the room has risen by at least ten degrees. My heart pounds and sweat trickles down my back. Danger now hangs thick in the air, but I bravely move on with the next question.

TAF: “What is something no one knows about you and why do you keep it a secret?”

Luc: “Do I look like the type to reveal secrets?”

I shake my head wondering if I should just stop the interview and leave.

Mr. DeVille sighs. “Okay. I’ll give you this one. I hate enclosed spaces.”

TAF: “What is your favorite possession and why?”

Luc: “Go back to the favorite pet question. Same answer.”

TAF: “Is that her? Is she your pet?” I point at the picture.

His demeanor is now glacial, and his eyes burn the color blue you find in a lit match. My gut tells me to back off, and I go back to my mapped-out questions.

TAF: “What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?”

Luc: “Stay in, stay dry and torture my partner with slow, intense love making until we lose count of our orgasms.”

That mental image makes me cross my legs. Focus! I return to my questions.

TAF: “Do you get along with your parents?”

Luc: Laughs. “The Boss? I respect Him but don’t necessarily like Him.”

TAF: “Do you have any bad habits?”

Luc: “There are those who say I am a bad habit.”

TAF: “Do you own your company? Is it your dream job?”

Luc laughs. “Yes, I have the dream job. I pretty much do whatever I want, whenever I want to. And the perks are incredible. Let’s just say it’s owned by family.”

TAF: “If you could cure one disease. Which one would you cure?”

Luc: “Infertility.”

He leaps to his feet, straightening his cuffs, seeming uncomfortable with his answer. He walks around his desk and sits, signaling he wants this interview to end.

TAF: “That’s not a typical answer. Can you elaborate?”

Luc: “Our time is up; do you have one last question?”

TAF: “Do you exercise or are you a couch potato?”

Luc: “I exercise extreme patience when dealing with mundane questions.”

I sigh. This interview has totally bombed. I haven’t learned much that I didn’t already know before I arrived. I’m pretty sure the red-haired woman in the photo is the key. I’ll have to do some research on my own.

His phone rings and he answers with a clipped, “Hello.”

To my surprise, his face softens into the first genuine smile I’ve seen since I entered his office.

Luc: “Hold on. I’m concluding an interview and then I can give you my undivided attention.”

He looks pointedly at me and I pick up my things and nod a thank you. As I’m leaving, he returns to his conversation. I linger just a moment longer before closing the door behind me.

Luc: “Lili.”

He’s breathed her name as if it’s something sacred, divine, a prayer, even. “Miss me, darling? I was just thinking of you. It’s been a minute since we’ve had a vacation. Let’s go someplace warm where you can run around naked, with your long red hair loose…”

Who is she?

✮ (¸•´? LOVING LILI ?

Their lovemaking is hot and dirty. Their break ups are nasty and epic.

Tired of taking the blame for every wicked thing that happens on earth, fallen angel Luc DeVille decides to write a tell-all-book exposing The Boss.

Sharing a long and passionate history, Luc is shocked when Lili Nix arrives to interview for the job as editor. Immediately the verbal sparring begins, but the sexual chemistry remains combustible. Fascinated by this heavenly creature, Luc changes his game plan. After all, she’s the only angel who has ever held his attention and understood his intentions.

Being in this world, but not of this world, is a lonely business. Can two lost angels connect and make it last this time?


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This story was previously published in the Haunted By Love anthology and is now available as a stand alone novella.


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